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Genetic circuits: Bacterial 'FM radio' created

Genetic circuits: Bacterial ‘FM radio’ created

Programming living cells offers the prospect of harnessing sophisticated biological machinery for transformative applications in energy, agriculture, water remediation and medicine. Inspired by engineering, researchers in the emerging field of synthetic biology have designed a tool box of small genetic components that act as intracellular switches, logic gates, counters and oscillators. But scientists have found...
Learning Bio-electronics

Learning Bio-electronics

Este documento narra la experiencia y resultados de la implementación del curso de bio-electrónica en la Universidad Politécnica de Bucarest. Incluye algunas notas  sobre el desarrollo del dispositivo SOI-MOSFETT a partir de un arreglo bio-electrónico.   Cristian Ravariu (2009). Learning in Bioelectronics, Advanced Learning, Raquel Hijn-Neira (Ed.), ISBN: 978- 953-307-010-0, InTech, Available from: bioelectronics...