The Energy Bending Lab is an instrument comprised of a set of custom-built modular synthesizers and transduction tools that creates a real-time sonification from the electric properties found in some bacteria. And through the use of cymatics—visible frequency vibrations—it is later converted into a visual pattern generator. Conceptualized as a DIY interspecies system, the interface amplifies the microvoltage produced by these microorganisms transducing their oscillatory features into raw electronic signals tuning the internal clock of the whole system and producing an unexpected array of sound patterns.
The object explores the relationship between waveforms, matter, and the physical form of frequencies, seeking a pattern-based understanding of our context to illustrate the underlying order within the universe and human consciousness that appears to be intimately related to vibration.

The ENL was conceived during the course of a 2 month residency program granted by ECAS and hosted by festivals Cimatics in Brussells, Todays Art in The Hague and Insomnia in Tromsø; and built while traveling using different fabrication laboratories across Europe.

The system controlling a Korg Electribe A (EA-1) and Teenage Engineering  OP-1

Project by: Paloma López & Leslie García
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Mexico City _ 2014