Non-Human Rhythms 2 is the second release of a series of live recordings featuring different micro-organism and there bio-electrical activity translated into a sound process. In this release listen to 4 tracks of slime mould sonification.

Develop at Bauhaus University as part of the Phychip project

Live recorded with the Energy Bending Lab and the Phytracker. @Interspecifics 2015. Paloma López + Leslie Garcia.


 Sonification process:


The PhyTracker is an open computer vision system, designed under processing software allowing open sound control communication with varios musical and visual softwares. The system creates arrays of branches and fallows the growing behaviour of physarum. The data is later translate into analog frequency format or midi notes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.20.56 PM

In the next example the software is detecting the creation of new branches:

The data sets are store in .csv format together with the image time-lapse, there is also a real time functionality. The fallow example is a sonification made with the system interfaced with a 400X amplification microscope and a canon EOS camera.

The code is free and opensource and is accesible on github.