Non-Human Rhythms 1 is the first of a series of live recordings featuring different micro-organism and there bio-electrical activity translated in to a sound process. In this release listen to 30 minutes of signal originated in bacterial fuel cells.

System connections and distribution:

EBL processor

The setup for this recording is based on readings coming from two microbial fuel cells containing different bacterial consortiums see this post to find out more : The flow chart shows the connections and the way the bioelectrical signal is distributed to the system:

  1. The process stars with an oscilatory signal in between 70 mV – 900 mV coming from the microbial fuel cells
  2. This signal is amplified by a factor of *3500 mV.
  3. The signal is filtered by analog methods using frequency and modulation thresholds.
  4. The signal sets the time for the main clock divider in our modular system
  5. The filtered or direct values are sent to a module running with the arduino software and to the MIDI/CV
  6. The values are analyzed (min, max, average) in the Energy Bending Software and transmitted as OSC
  7. The OSC signals are sent to the EBLive software in PD
  8.  In PD every signal is process with pitch shifters or left as a raw signal
  9. Pd sends-receives midi messages to the instruments

This is one of the possible ways to setup the system, in every release we intend to also share the technique we are implementing with every micro-organism and their signals. Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.23.56 PM