We continue our process by designing the following modules for our system. This time we focused on an oscillator with variable vco sources fotr tone control. This arrangement was made with 8 different capacitors connected to a main oscillator. All capacitorhave an input that can be connected to a biosensor which can modify their values in a short range. We called it Circadia. 

The preliminary pcb of Circadia shows only one output patch and a bio input to connect a patch cord to control the capacitance of the fixed capacitors.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.39.07 PM

Cirdadia general schematic :

Download (PDF, 895KB)

The next module is called Cascade. In this one we experiment with a signal splitter using a 4040 (12-Stage Binary Divider) this module works as patchbay to add variations on a single signal and builds a source of harmonics with it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.38.31 PM

Cascade general schematic

Download (PDF, 646KB)

One of the issues with eurorack modular systems are the power sources, normally op-amp’s circuits operate in symmetrical power conditions, this means that require a positive, a negative source (+) (-) and ground. We decided to explore this issue using a PICO psu -160 power source. It is a component that saves a lot of space and does not generate much noise and temperature variations.

We started working on this module to test the circuits we developed and we are also testing the power supply with the Befaco filter and seems that everything works correctly.